Fernando of the Valley (neosamurai) wrote in fsugamers,
Fernando of the Valley


The Student Life Building is holding a Halo 2 tournament on Saturday Feb. 26th at 3:00 P. M. As far as gameplay goes, I dont know anything other than that it is a 4 man team tournament.

I could use a good squad because my friends think they're too good for me. So I'd like to gather a team in order to show them a thing or too. A sniper would definitely come in handy, as they have a really good one themselves, James Griggs. Even when he was drunk, he couldnt tell if we were playing CTF or Slayer, but he could still snipe. They have two other good members as well, and my roomate, who is ok. You can reply, IM me, or add me on Xbox live if you are interested. My AIM screenname and XBL Gamertag are both "Neo Samurai Man"
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