Fernando of the Valley (neosamurai) wrote in fsugamers,
Fernando of the Valley

I love Jesus

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Wow Jesus kinda looks like Blackthorne from the Shogun Miniseries in this picture
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hey everyone

This is going to sound like spam, but hear me out for a second...this is a link to get a free xbox 360 from a legit company that gives away free stuff in exchange for referrals. I assure you that I am a real person who has actually recieved free stuff (such as an ipod!) from this company...it is legit.

Anyway, all you have to do to get a free xbox 360 shipped to you at launch is:

1 -go to the link:

then complete one offer - a credit card is required but the Efax one is FREE if you cancel within 30 days!!

2 - get a link of your own

3 - get 8 people to go to it and complete one offer

You WILL receive your free xbox 360....this company has a very good track record.

email me at macdo000@hotmail.com if you have questions or if you want to make sure I am a real person before you do this. I am not trying to rip anyone off...I am trying to complete what is needed to get a free xbox 360, and if you click on my link, you can do what I am doing and get a free 360 as well. Thank you.

it is spam
It kinda is spam, but it kinda isn't...It does work. I have actually received the ipod, but the problem is that I have to spam some people to get it. So, if you want to drop $400 for a system, you can do it that way. Or you can spam people like this. Sorry I did it, but it had to be done.